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 · Группа Вконтакте - kaaszan.скинмаст.рф Notice Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines) Category. Как сделать крем для лица дома Любой уход за кожей лица не обходится без любимого крема. Но вот только крема, которые, продаются в магазинах, содержат в себе не очень полезные вещества.  · Save the file, now you have a working dyn cloth. Start a new scene, load the cloth, load Genesis 2 Male, run the simulation. Result: The mesh used in this PoC was not designed to cloth simulation, so the results are rubish. How do I know where my parcel or letter is? Enter your tracking number on the website and check delivery status. You can also use mobile app; in this case you will get delivery updates. Watch in our app. Open in app.

DAZ Studio F. Top of Forum Print. See the pictures below, a special care with the commas yellow and with the variable values green. So start a new scene, load the Boxerslips figure and save a file as "Scene Subset". Locate and open the new file with a good text editor. Save the file, now you have a working dyn cloth. Start a new scene, load the cloth, load Genesis 2 Male, run the simulation. But using a proper mesh, load the obj file, load genesis, use the transfer utility to create a cloth figure.

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  • Save the new cloth as scene subset and perform the steps above. Create a mesh that fits the desired shape. Load the obj file, use "Convert prop to figure", save it as scene subset and perform the steps above.

    Now you have a dyn cloth.

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    To use it : clear the scene, load the cloth, load genesis and apply the desired shape. The shorts mesh was created with blender, the shirt mesh was created with MD2. Limitations : Works only with simple clothes, without buttons, belts, etc The seams feature needs more reseach to be implemented using a text editor.

    What did you use to open a duf file with, every text program I tried just shows gobbly gook of the duf file.

    Your duf file might still compressed, you should be able to uncompress it with any unzip-like utility. Quite a few editors allow to open compressed files as well and uncompress them on the fly.

    DAZ officially recognized that the described method works. BUT the publication or distribution of this dynamic content is not allowed.

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  • But, if there is an agreement, it must be fulfilled. Actually only one human being can create cloth using Optitex software. Just be curious enough to discover how to do it, all you need are in the duf files.

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    Nowadays it is often used for bad behavior - but really, there are other meanings. Thing is that contract with Optitex was made by the origenal DAZ.

    DAZ stopped being DAZ three years ago when the last founder left; to open up a content store else where. There is a lot of politics involved here we can only guess at.

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  • It seems to have died out shortly after DAZ changed hands. If I recall correctly the one guy making dynaimc clothing for Studio left optitex. This is yet another feature that looked like it was going to take off like a rocket, then fizzled on the pad.

    Like the clothes work fine with any figure if they are close to the same size. Morph genesis or G2 to a size resonably close to V4 and any V4 optitex clothes will work on her and can be animated.

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    Want to put a dress on freak4? No assumptions The other guy who opened another store now was responsible for the catastrophic change to the Magento software that created a lot of mayhem and made the PC coupon less valid Chris is a freind, Dan never invited me fishing. None the less, you should check hivewire, quite a few of the people there are the people that used to be DAZ.

    Oh how I wish some cowboy would anonymously, or otherwise, post the script at sharecg or the like for the scriptural illiterate like me. And what external applications, exactly, are required to calculate and create the complex lines that are pasted into the duf file for the seams and buttons if one would learn to script?

    But a very interesting experience all the same.

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    Despite the technological capacity of this tech, the licence specifications have left it bound and quite niched. I for one would like to see a more inclusive and user friendly dynamic type clothing for Daz Studio. And as sad as it is Daz 3d changed because it had to, to survive as a business. That is what has caused the rift IMHO.

    If I buy any optitex dynamic cloths it wont be from DAZ.

    Ah Razor42 if you were only here when it started. We said the same thing at the time and basically got slapped down and told love it or buy Poser. And how we were going to get the dynamic clothing creation app. Typical of DAZ, no follow through. One of the main issues i have with optitex clothing is to access the creation tools, i need to license software with optitex for around dollars per month for as long as i want to use them.

    For Daz to bring optitex dynamic creation tools into studio and carrara it would be reliant on setting up a deal with optitex. I have the feeling the issues may have been based around Price point.

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    How much would you be prepared to pay for a plugin in to daz or carrara? Still interested? Most businesses arent big on setting up side avenues that massively undercut there main revenue stream. For what DAZ is charging for optitex dynaimic clothes, that would take what 2 months to pay off?

    Even if it took 6 months to pay off it would still be worth the investment.

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    I know things changed abruptly with the release of Studio 4; as did many things. What I do know is DAZ made some wild promises to begin with and then failed to meet those promeses. At the onset, when DAZ was hyping all this they claimed there would be the optitex sim in Studio and Carrara, that there would be the dynaimc clothing control for Studio and carrara, and I beleve it was a standalone for the creation app so clothes could be used in both Studio and carrara.

    You always save money cutting out the middle man, and lets face it DAZ being a content broker means they are just the hosting middle man. And you know as well as I just how much of your pie DAZ gets. I know DAZ needs to make a profit, but you wont make any profit from nonsales do to over pricing.

    As in to make a profit off an item it actually has to sell.

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    Being a C. In my little town here we have 2 gas stations.

    I works well enough but takes some prep and effort to get good results. So prep work is not an option for them. As in I was working on a scene with V4 sitting down in a chair then getting back up. The optitex dress kept swinging under the chair and snagging. I had to make a cube the same size as the chair base, run the sim, the replace the cube with the chair for the render. Worked well but simple prop swapping seems too much for some people. But that is a different argument.

    Really, this is cool that dynamic cloth can be "made" for Daz studio by anyone, but the fact that it should come to this is ridiculous.

    Used to you bought a dynamic cloth item and it came with several morphs, but now, nope, you get the same level of freedom as with the old freebie stuff, which has faded into obscurity, with no updates in two years or so. I used genesis stuff before and it was the same way. Totally agree bt, the effort put into the clothes now is not what it was, but the price is still the same. In fact i dont think you will find Daz mentioned anywhere on there site. Plus i believe you need to purchase additional training modules to learn the apps.

    I honestly dont think Daz Studio is even on there radar, Unfortunately. No I did not realise that this company had anythign ot do with the daz plug-in.

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    Quote - Hmm Insert snyd comment about DAZ. Being a carraraest at DAZ is a real eye opener ;. Try this. DAZ borked that in C6.

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    The new big thing in C8 was modeling in the assembly room, broke in C8. So basically I paid for a 2 year out of date for their own content, DAZ app.

    Ive heard most these of gripes before. But I know its not about how much you paid its about the broken promises, the failure to live up to sales hype? I give you a challenge mate find another app with half of the capabilites of Carrara for an equivalent price?

    Developers have finite resources. These apps are constantly evolving and improving but no developer can throw limitless amounts of capital and resources at projects. If things are not working the way you want in Carrara I imagine there are real world problems that will require real world resources and capital to create solutions.

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    If the investment is greater than the expected return its called leaking captial. Leak to much capital and a business will capsize. Then you will have a long wait for updates of any kind. The hard reality is maybe Cararra is not selling enough to generate a high enough potential return to invest in solving these issues.

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